An Update on Colors

For those of you that read the previous entry Colors, I wanted to update you on the condition of our painting project.

The following is an “in process” shot of painting the ceiling.

I’m glad that the color difference came out in the photo. While painting, it was almost impossible to tell where the color had and hadn’t covered. As it is, there are a few areas that will need to be touched up in spring when the house can be opened up again.

Hopefully, between the vinegar wash, Kilz, and paint the mold that was beginning to grow will stop. My only concern is since these are cellulose tiles the mold may be in the tile itself. We want to eventually replace all of the cellulose tiles in the house anyway. They don’t have a really long life span and tend to sag very easily. Granted, that’s a project that’s much further down on the list.

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