The loader and plow are home!

A lot has been going on around our little piece of paradise. As you all know by the last post, we’re expecting our first child and feel comfortable enough to share with everyone that type of news. However, that hasn’t been all that’s been happening around here.

Before the loader and plow were moved to our home, they had spent a good deal of resting time in the woods just off from the road to Grampa Fitch’s gravel pit.

A little over a month ago, with the help of my brother Peter and a family friend on Joe’s part (someone from such-and-such construction), we were able to successfully move both the loader and the plow set up for the tractor to the house. This means that all the available implements that went with the tractor that Grampa Fitch had are finally at their new home.  The only down side to the move was the slight reaction a couple of us had from the “dormant” poison ivy oils. You should have seen the bumper crop of that stuff around the implements last year!

(I should add that these are the first videos I’ve really done with our digital camera. While the quality isn’t anything to write home about, it’s a really cool view of Kevin Brann’s awesome skill with lining things up on the trailers. We couldn’t have done any of this without Kevin’s help.)

It may be years before they see use as we don’t have the time or money right now to repair them, but some day it will happen! The loader will see work first, since for the plow we would need a good size plot to be able to actually use it. Before any of that gets done the tractor needs to be worked on and running. It’ll get there, it just might take a while.

For now, they'll hang out at the eastern end of our northern garden.

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