1954 John Deere 40T

Joe’s grandfather, Glen Fitch,  purchased this tractor at an estate sale in 1958. He used it on his dairy farm until the mid 1960s, when he was forced to sell the farm. Afterwards he used it for plowing snow at his home in New Sharon, Maine, until 1970 or so. It was then parked until the early 1990s when Joe’s maternal uncle, Lloyd Perkins, got it running again and started using it for firewood on his property (roughly a mile up the road from Grampa Fitch’s).

In the fall of 2000 it stopped working due to a clog in the carburetor, around the same time that Uncle Lloyd hurt his back. He decided to just leave it parked. Joe started working on it in fall 2009, shortly after the move down to Norridgewock. He drove it out of the woods after a week of laboring on it when time permitted. This past fall, shortly after Tasha and Joe’s first wedding anniversary, the tractor was brought to Norridgewock with the help of Tasha’s brother, Peter. It now sits in the dooryard at the Norridgewock Raymond’s household waiting to be tinkered on in the spring.

Loading Up the Tractor – October 2010

This is where the tractor, whom Tasha is very tempted to call “Bessie” since she worked Grampa Fitch’s dairy farm, ended up after Joe drove her off from Uncle Llyod’s wooded property.

Joe was trying to convince Pete that it was stable enough to sit on.

We used the Ranger to straighten out the tractor and to pull her out from under the tree a bit. Look at Pete: he's a natural! We need to get that boy on a farm.

As you can tell, once the back tires hit the trailer, there wasn't much clearance underneath it.

Because of the fenders on the trailer, the entire thing ended up tail-heavy due to more of the tractor's placement. It's a good thing Grampa Fitch had kept all those tires around! We were able to get just enough on to use as ballast.

All loaded and ready to go.

2 responses to “1954 John Deere 40T

  1. Looks like us moving the three old Farmall tractors we just bought. It’s hard when your trailer is not wide enough. I had to drive one back to our house, that was too big for the trailer, over 15 miles while my husband towed the others on our trailer behind me.

  2. The original idea was to drive the tractor to our home, but the situation surrounding the moment required us to move it ASAP. Since it wasn’t really in running condition, we didn’t want to take the chance.

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