Farm Dump

(Also known as “The Random Things We Find Half-Buried or Fully Buried in Our Stream and Ground.)

Since we’ve moved into our home, we’ve discovered a lot about our little area. One discovery came from my pulling bricks out of the stream out pack. They had been placed there by the former owner so her ducks wouldn’t eat the bank. Well, I needed some more bricks in order to do one project or another, and I figured that those weren’t being used. With the exception of two that I fished out (these had baby crayfish on them, so they stayed in the stream), I would have been able to finish said project, but instead I got very distracted with I noticed a jar sticking out.

Ironically, my brother and younger cousin were on their way up. When they arrived, they noticed me pulling out some really nifty things from the stream and decided to help. Between the three of us we pulled out random tractor parts, the pieces of a broken clock, bits of metal, and fully intact glass jars. These jars have been added to our random assortment of other random things we’ve found around the house (like glass insulators from the old telephone and electric wires).

Any time I find pieces of interest like this, I spend a good chunk of the day doing research. Needless to say, I’m as thorough as one can be via the internet, but I’m hoping to eventually go further with it all. Until then, I’m hoping to work this page as a documentation area aside from my paper and pen diary where all my musings and notes go. In the next few days I should begin to add photos of what we have so far. It’ll be interesting to see what we find next summer!

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