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An Update on Colors

For those of you that read the previous entry Colors, I wanted to update you on the condition of our painting project.

The following is an “in process” shot of painting the ceiling.

I’m glad that the color difference came out in the photo. While painting, it was almost impossible to tell where the color had and hadn’t covered. As it is, there are a few areas that will need to be touched up in spring when the house can be opened up again.

Hopefully, between the vinegar wash, Kilz, and paint the mold that was beginning to grow will stop. My only concern is since these are cellulose tiles the mold may be in the tile itself. We want to eventually replace all of the cellulose tiles in the house anyway. They don’t have a really long life span and tend to sag very easily. Granted, that’s a project that’s much further down on the list.


So, in the interest of fixing up our house and wanting to make it more of a home than it is now, we’ve finally picked the color palettes for the bathroom, washroom, and the two small bedrooms. Now it’s all a matter of eventually affording the paint.

The above photo is of my horrible “sample” painting. I didn’t get the edges as crisp as I would like, but everything was still wet. Normally we’re not the type for colored ceilings, but there’s a plan here. The above sampling is for the downstairs bathroom. The ceiling color will become the wall color for the washroom, the wall color the trim in the washroom, and the trim color from the bathroom with be used in both for the floor as well. (We have hardwood floors in the bathroom and washroom — I’m not silly enough to refurbish them in areas where there’s a good chance of water spillage.) The cool thing is that the trim from the bathroom looks completely different on the floor. I had to do a few splotches to prove to Joe that it was the same paint.

I don’t think a lot of people will like the bright colors that we picked out for the small rooms, but we like them! (Just so you know, the wall color is more greener than that.) This is the color scheme for the smallest bedroom; the ceilings will remain white. For the second smallest room, we’re going to simply flip the colors so the wall color will be the trim and visa-versa. This will help each room have their own character, but without costing us an arm and a leg.

In the long run, plans include removing the vinyl tiling from the bathroom and the paneling from the smallest bedroom. Due to time restraints and lack of funds, we’re going to do what we can with what we have. Many have asked why we’re bothering to paint over the paneling in the smallest bedroom. The issue lies in the fact that the paneling is very cheap. If you rub up against it, you instantly get splints. The hope is that the paint will have an adhesive property and will help inhibit the splintering.